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Indian cuisines are one of the sought after cuisines and it involves a lot of flavours in every dishes. The appetizing aroma of the food makes one’s mouth water and triggers the cravings. The fun fact is that the craving starts right from your eyes and nose. The appealing looks of the dish and the lip-smacking flavours are just irresistible when it comes to food.

How food smells so good and makes our stomach quiver? The magic ingredients that make the dish aromatic are spices. Especially, Indians are the pioneers of cultivating these flavourful and aromatic spices. Indian spices are being used almost in every region of the world. Let us see some of the flavourful spices of India and how it makes the food so aromatic!

TURMERIC: It is used almost in all of the recipes. Turmeric adds yellowish colour to the food. It tastes earthy, musky, and mildly spicy. It has remarkable health benefits and has also been used for skincare as it has healing properties. These are used in the initial stages of cooking and it smells strongly like an orangy – ginger.

CARDAMOM: It has a combination of sweet – peppery flavours. These are used in making both spicy dishes and delicacies. These also give a hint of menthol flavour when you add it to hot beverages like milk or chai. All these flavours together give out a slightly woody, sweety, and mint-ish aroma to the food prepared.

PEPPER: It has two varieties, one is black pepper and the other is white pepper. Black pepper adds spicy, woody, and warm flavours to the food and it smells pungent. White pepper has subtle flavours and aroma when compared to black pepper.

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