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Figs are generally soft from the centre escorted by crunchy seeds. This exclusive texture makes it a great fruit to enjoy just the way it is. Figs are a natural basis of sugar, soluble fibre, and lots of minerals. Figs also contain iron which is very important for all and especially women. Now you can buy fresh figs online India and also dry fruits online wholesale from Umi Fresh for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

1: Helps Ease Constipation: 

Figs are an ancient remedy to the treatment of constipation and thus help nurture the intestines. Figs turn as a natural laxative owing to their high soluble fibre content. Thus, comforts out the strained bowel process. Try consuming 2 to 3 dry figs on an empty stomach to help ease constipation.

2:  Helps Weight Loss:

Fibre-rich figs can be a perfect snack or mid-morning snacks, particularly for weight watchers. Dried figs make a great nutritious snack. 2 or 3 dried figs can make you feel fuller for longer and this can help keep longer gaps among your two meals.

3:  Regulates Blood Pressure:

Fast-food feasting has been rising day by day and this can lead to high blood pressure problems. High blood pressure frequently leads to an unevenness of potassium levels in your body. Figs being a good source of potassium can certainly improve potassium levels and thus is helpful to control blood pressure.

4: Helps Digestive Wellness:

Figs are a great basis of prebiotics. Prebiotics can care for the function of probiotics which can help recover the digestion process and overall gut health. Being fibre-rich, also enhances bulk to the stool, permitting normal bowel movement.

5: For Fertility:

Figs have been echoed as love fruit since ancient Greek times, where figs were measured as a symbol of fertility. It is very commonly used up with milk even today to increase reproductive health.

6: Boosts Heart Health:

Being high in fibre and potassium helps eliminate the excess fat from the body and heaviness from the heart.

Now that you have known the amazing benefits of figs, it’s time to purchase your own pack of fresh figs with just a click of a button and get health and wholeness delivered right to your doorstep.

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