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Snacking does not have to be harmful. The term snacking purely means a little of what you eat in between your main meals but when it comes to your daily snacking it’s important to consider a few things.
Dried fruits make brilliant snacks for many reasons. For one, they have a very interesting nutritious profile. They contain numerous nutrients including fibre, vegetable protein, vitamins unsaturated fats, and minerals which may help decrease overall hunger which in turn may stop your craving for unhealthy sugary snacks.
Every different nut and dried fruit may provide you with distinguishing health benefits. Do you know that snacking on almonds may help decline LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels in just nine weeks? Another study also looked at the benefits of eating an evening snack of pistachios. The nutrient intakes such as vitamins B1 and B6, copper and potassium were considerably higher in the pistachio group. Now, that should be a valid reason to add them to your snacking habits!
As well as providing a wonderful handful of important nutrients, nuts and dried fruits can be relished as a sweet or savoury snack perfect for whatever your taste buds fancy. As much as you fancy them, they are easy to take with you when you are on the go ensuring that you’ve always got a healthy snack to hand.
Therefore when planning about your snacks think about what you’ll be undertaking that day and how to adjust your snacking habits to your day-to-day routine.

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